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Asset Management

Welcome to AMO Asset Management Optimization
Services and technologies to optimize the operational management of your equipment.

The Asset Management

The Asset Management, also known as 'active management' is a comprehensive management approach seeking the best possible decisions regarding the use and care of production equipment. Asset Management relies on an efficient maintenance that fully integrates the operational objectives of the company and the management of the total cost of ownership of equipment.
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Productivity gains

The primary goal of AMO is to unite all the company's employees around a common project to improve productivity.
How ?
By providing technical expertise, services and technology solutions dedicated to preventive and predictive maintenance, lubrication, stocks of spare parts, energy consumption ...
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Specialized solutions

Program to optimize management costs of rotating machinery.
The objective is to reduce the costs of maintenance management, improve availability and safety of equipment or product quality. More
Storage Solutions, distribution, metering and management of lubricants.
The basis of any approach to improving reliability and performance of production equipment starts by improving the management of lubrication and lubricants.
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